●► Brutal cricket Fight in live cricket match ●► Umpires was too Hoapless

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    Cricket fight were a serious thing and sledging in cricket is also a trick in indian as well as international cricket.

    I have created this most serious fight in


    Cricket fight were a serious thing and sledging in cricket is also a trick in indian as well as international cricket.

    I have created this most serious fight in cricket history which will make you to think whather this kind of negative cricket is fair or infair.

    it is a brutal and most serious cricketing fight.

    Seriously a black day in cricket.

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    Once he was batting with the no.8 batsman, Jeremy Snape.

    The bowler they were facing was Abdul Razzaq, who was bowling under overcast conditions.

    So naturally, he was reverse swinging the ball prodigiously, so much so that balls started on off stump, and tailed back into the batsman's boot.

    Razzaq had already accounted for two of their batsmen.

    They still had 40 overs left in the day, and with the way the ball was nipping around, it didn't seem likely that they would last the day.nnSo, Snape comes up to Sehwag and says - "This guy's making a mockery out of us.

    I can hardly see the ball coming.

    You've got to do something."nnSehwag bites his lip, toes the pitch and says - "Okay.

    I've got a plan."nnSo when Razzaq comes out to bowl the next ball, Sehwag takes two steps down the pitch and smacks the ball clean out of the stadium.

    The umpires look at each other, and order a change of ball.nnSo Sehwag walks up to Snape and says : "The new ball won't swing for some time.

    We are safe for another two hours."nTwo of the most funny incidents that I saw are -nn1.

    Shadab Jakati making an absolute Fool of himself in this match between Chennai Super Kings and Deccan Chargers in IPL 2009 for what has to be the funniest run-out(I should say not run-out) sequence I've seen.nn2.

    Mark Richardson cramps up in a Test match against India.

    Everyone except Richardson found it funny.

    Probably the most dramatic of Cramps in Sports history.

    nWell this was an incident of the India vs.

    West Indies match!nM.S.

    Dhoni was on the crease.

    Dwayne Bravo bowled and the batsman on strike hit it straight to Keiron Pollard on the long off.nnIt was a very normal shot.

    I guess Keiron Pollard wanted to do something extraordinary in the field and he tried a publicity stunt.nHope you will like this video of most funny moments in cricket history.

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