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    Qari Shahid Mahmood NaatsnPlease Subscribe this channel and share this Video to as many people as you can and post your Comments about this Video.

    It is sadqa e


    Qari Shahid Mahmood NaatsnPlease Subscribe this channel and share this Video to as many people as you can and post your Comments about this Video.

    It is sadqa e jaria for us.nIn This Video content Best Naat Sharif By Qari Shaid MehmoodnArtest - Qari Shahid MehmoodnMehfil E Naat.nJoin Official page on Facebook For All Updates Of All Beautifull NaatsnYoutube Website nnNaat And Naat KhawaninNAAT – that specifically praises the prophet MUHAMMAD .

    The practice is popular in South Asia ( Pakistan and India ), commonly in Urdu or Punjabi language .

    People who recite Naat are known as Naat Khawan or Sana'a-Khua'an .nIt is difficult to trace the history of Na'at Khawani since no authenticated record of when it was initiated can be found.

    One early author, Hassan Bin Sabit (R.A) , was known as Shair-e-Darbaar-e-Risalat .

    Even before accepting Islam he was a poet, but after embracing Islam he gave a new turn to his poetry and started writing Na'ats in honor of prophet MUHAMMAD .

    He was famous for his poetry that defended prophet MUHAMMAD in response to rival poets that attacked him and his religion.

    Therefore Hassan Bin Sabit (R.A) is known as the first Sana-Khawaan (Naat reciter) of that time.

    After that many a poet followed this trend and totally dedicated themselves to writing Naats.nnnAbout Mehfil e NaatnThe word mehfil derives from the Arabic word mehfil?), which means a (festive) "gathering to entertain (or praise someone)." Mehfil-e-Naat is an Islamic mehfil which people sit and recite poetry in the praise of the Prophet Muhammad .We Collect Mehfil e Naat's Latest And Old All Around From Pakistan.Visit This Page and Different Famous Pakistani Naat Khawan's Latest Mehfil e Naat' provides free naats of nearly all naat khawan including Junaid Jamshed, Amir Liaquat Hussain, Awais Raza Qadri, Farhan Ali Qadri, Mushtaq Qadri etc and in multiple Languages naats like Urdu naats, Islamic naats, Arbi Naats-e-Rasool, English naats, Punjabi Naats, Sindhi Naats, Pashto Naats, Balochi Naats , Pakistani naats and Arabic naats.

    you can listen All audio naats online as well as download latest mp3 naats by click download Naats link.

    You don't need any player to listen Hamd-o-Naat online.nn1- qari shahid mahmood new naats 2016n2- qari shahid new naatn3- qari shahid 2016n4- naat sharif qari shahidn5- naat sharif qari shahid mahmood n6- best urdu naat 2016 by qari shahidn7- qari shahid punjabi naat 2016n8- qari shahid new punjabi naat 2016n9- new naat sharif qari shahid mahmoodn10- naat qari shahid, qari shahid naatn11- qari shahid new album 2016n12- qari shahid new albumnLatest collection of Qari Shahid Mahmood Naats are available on Milade e Mustafa Channel Qari Shahid Mahmood is well-renowned Naat Khu’wan of Pakistan.

    He is popular among Pakistani masses due to his great and sweet voice of reciting Punjabi Kalam.

    He is the first Punjabi accent Naat Khu’wan of Pakistan.

    His most famous Naat “Dou Meema and E Sarkaar Ki Parta Hoon Main are eminent popular among young generation of Pakistan.

    He has been attended several Live Naat Mehfil in many countries and performed his best in all competitions.

    Qari Shahid Mahmood Naats Pukaroo Ya Rasoolalah Ya Habiballah is a well-known Naats in all fields.

    He is considered the best performer as a Sanna Khu’wan.

    nnMilad e Mustafa youtube channel provides the latest collection of Qari Shahid Mahmood 2016 Naats online to their users.

    This page gives you access to the Qari Shahid Mahmood New Naats updated on regular basis.

    This Ramadan you will be able to listen the exclusive Qari Shahid Mahmood 2016 new Naats including Zinda Hain Zinda, Mera Murshid Sohna, Maawan Ne, and Jholiyan Murada Wali to name a few.

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